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Fixed fire systems

Tunnel extinguishing systems

  • Tunnel extinguishing systems2
  • Tunnel extinguishing systems3
  • Tunnel extinguishing systems4
  • Tunnel extinguishing systems2
  • Tunnel extinguishing systems3
  • Tunnel extinguishing systems4


Tunnel extinguishing systems in operation

Tunnel extinguishing systems were developed for the protection of tunnels but they can also be used in other areas, such as:

  • Underground traffic routes
  • Storage areas
  • Factory halls
  • Helipads
  • Machine halls
  • Power stations

The system can easily be retrofitted and meets the Austrian guidelines and regulations for road traffic (RVS Nr. 09.02.22).

The tunnel extinguishing system is available both as electrical and mechanical version. Water or CAFS can be used as extinguishing agents.


Removal of the branchpipe 3-step operation

The intuitive and safe operation makes the tunnel extinguishing system a useful tool, especailly for first aiders. Fires can already be fought before the arrival of firefighters. Because every minute counts in an emergency.

The system is operated in three steps:

  • Turning the lever
  • Picking up the extinguishing gun
  • Activating the extinguishing gun

For more safety in the tunnel

Tunnel extinguishing systems from Rosenbauer are compact extinguishing systems that are mounted in small niches along a tunnel. The system functions without external energy - only the water has to be supplied.

Thanks to their simple operation they are efficient tools both for operational crews as well as for untrained first aiders at the scene. Great throw ranges of up to 25 m ensure the safe extinguishing of a fire from a safe distance.

Impresses with

  • Intuitive operation
  • Immediately ready for operation
  • Available in the entire tunnel
  • High extinguishing power and back-burn safety
  • 120 m extra-light textile hose