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Aerial rescue of the highest level. Equipped with ultra-modern supporting force measurement, continuous support-width recording, a spacious cage with three comfortable entrances and fast movement time. Perfectly suited for rescue operations to firefighting.



The hydraulic platform was specially developed for factory fire departments and for fighting large fires. 36 m working height and a range of 28.5 m with fully loaded cage. Optionally, the B36 can be extended with a
Rosenbauer R600 firefighting pump, foam proportioning systems and extinguishing agent tanks with a capacity of up to 5,000 l.


Compact dimensions. Above average rescue height. With the B42, Metz appeals to factory fire departments and municipal units. Pumps, foam proportioning equipment and extinguishing tanks are a part of the portfolio of optional equipment. The weight versions range from 26 - 40 tonnes across the entire width of the chassis.

B55 / B62

With the B55 and B62 , Metz Aerials provides firefighters with a work and rescue device according to EN 1777, with which rescues from above average heights are no problem. Through the addition of various technical firefighting components, such as pumps, rescue hose and stretcher support, the B55 and B62 become a real firefighting device.


The jacking system: intelligent safety

Thanks to the unique, continuously adjustable horizontal/vertical Metz jacking system and the fact that when turning, all elements are laying within the total width of the podium, the Metz hydraulic platforms are easily positioned even in tight spaces. Rotating by 360° is also possible at any time even with the jacking system within the vehicle contour. Thanks to excellent technical solutions for individual and continuous controlling and monitoring of the individual jacks (type-dependent), every extra millimeter of jacking width results in additional reach.

Unique Metz Aerials ground pressure monitoring always guarantees safe operation in all positions. Additionally, the integrated screens display the current ground pressure. The automatic leveling system is integrated in the jacking control. Depending on the chassis, the jacking system equalizes an inclination of up to 11°.


The armset: sophisticated engineering, proven in operation.

High-quality materials and perfect design. Both of those components make the armset of the Metz hydraulic platform one of their most excellent components. Because what matters is whether a rescue is successful. Thanks to state-of-the-art construction methods, Metz hydraulic platforms are equipped with unique properties that distinguish them and make them successful. Practice-oriented drive and guide elements take the strain off the firefighters workshop thanks to their low-maintenance properties. And reduce the downtime of the equipment.


The Metz rescue cage: Core piece of equipment of the fire department

The rescue cage consists of a sturdy aluminum construction and is manufactured for size- and weight optimized. It offers space for up to six people. Depending on the operation, it also transports rescue and extinguishing equipment. The handrail is folded down and opened on the wide and unique front entrance.

Not matter whether the folding platform is in operation or parked. The cage offers three entry points that can be accessed standing upright. The rear gangway platform facilitates access to the rescue ladder mounted on the side - regardless of the position of the cage.

Installed ultrasound sensors warn the machine operator before an object is touched. The cage can be swiveled by 4° horizontally to the left or right. Regardless of with or without attached rescue ladder. Thus precise and individual positioning in relation to the object is achieved.

The cage operating panel is also clearly structured: Display and control elements are placed at suitable points and are easily visible.


The podium: highest quality for a long-term partnership

The podium is screwed together. It consists of anodized, extruded aluminum profiles, a safety cover made from aluminum anti-slip plate with R11 anti-slip safety coating and bar locks. The equipment stored in it is secured by suitable fastenings. This combination ensures safety and durability.


Modern CAN bus control

The proven Metz CAN bus control system as well as clearly organized symbols and clearly arranged display instruments guarantee the operator the highest degree of safety and simplest operation in stressful operating situations.

Convenient control

The operation is simplified thanks to control functions like VRS for shaft rescue, or TMS to repeatedly drive freely selectable paths of the ladder. Through the "service4fire“ remote diagnostic software, all the control info of an aerial ladder can be retrieved and viewed at any time.

Innovative and unique


Tradition. Innovation. Reliability.


As the leading manufacturer of aerial ladders, Metz naturally also manufactures hydraulic platforms. In the meantime, many satisfied customers work with the reliable high-tech product, which fulfills the requirements of standards EN 1777 or NFPA 1901, depending on the product, without exception.

Excellent features like CAN bus system, unbeatable performance, technical reliability, intuitive operation and durability characterize the hydraulic platforms from Metz Aerials. Numerous options make these hydraulic platforms an essential tool for firefighters. In order to meet all demands, Metz Aerials works together with different chassis manufacturers.

Impresses with:

  • Working heights of 32 to 62 m
  • Constant development
  • Highest reliability
  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • Practice-oriented drive and guide elements

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