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AT Advanced Technology

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  • AT Advanced Technology2
  • AT Advanced Technology3
  • AT Advanced Technology4
  • AT Advanced Technology5
  • AT Advanced Technology6
  • AT Advanced Technology7
  • AT Advanced Technology8
  • AT Advanced Technology9
  • AT Advanced Technology10


Developed. Tested. Manufactured.
To the highest standard.

The AT was designed using state-of-the-art development and simulation methods. The production process is continuously being perfected. The body design also sets new standards. The AT is longer-lasting, more corrosion-resistant and impresses with its ultimate precision. The highest grade materials guarantee the best possible quality.

State-of-the-art construction

Laser-cut, bent aluminium sheets are processed in clearly defined operations. They are subsequently built into a high-strength body in a self-supporting and torsion-resistant aluminium and frame construction. The new assembly using punch riveting and thermal drilling is clean, quick and low in distortion. All these refinements make the AT extremely light and improve the quality and handling of the vehicle.


  • Variable stowage system: tailored completely to your wishes and requirements
  • All free space is utilised: Storage space under the seating, above the revolving steps and in the rear compartment
  • Adjustable stowages: Fittings can be moved quickly and steplessly, if your requirements change

New hose magazine – ergonomic and space-saving

With the new hose magazine, the hoses are no longer stored side-by-side, but above one another: if the first hose is pulled out, the next automatically slides down for removal. This saves time, space and significantly simplifies their removal. This also allows the equipment compartment to be optimally utilised, all the way up to the top.

Stowage system with colour coding

The stowage system enables the quick and easy removal of the equipment. In addition, a uniform colour concept simplifies the work. All operational and graspable devices are marked with the signal colour orange.


Indirect LED lighting

The indirect LED lighting in the AT ensures glare-free, uniform lighting. The built-in rollover airbags and the newly developed 3-point safety belts provide even more safety. The holistic ergonomic concept of the crew cab provides the fire fighters with optimum support during operations.

Patented crew cab steps

The Rosenbauer revolving safety steps allow the crew to enter and exit the vehicle quickly and safely. Even while wearing heavy breathing protection and when the door can only be opened halfway.


Inform, operate, monitor – from the cab

The operating display in the cab provides the driver with a quick and comprehensive overview of the condition of the entire vehicle. It provides information about tank contents, open equipment compartments and much more. In addition, all signals units, lighting systems as well as extinguishing systems can be controlled from this unit. It is also possible to activate the reversing camera and thermal imaging camera.

Inform, operate, monitor – from the rear

Virtually all of the devices, like the engine, pumps, traffic guidance devices and the light mast can be easily, quickly and clearly operated via the LCD flatscreen in the rear of the AT. At the same time, important information about the equipment can be accessed.


In extinguishing technology, performance and efficiency count - core competencies of Rosenbauer. In the AT, tank volumes (up to 5,500 l) and pump output (up to 5,500 l/min) are optimally coordinated with one another. The innovative new foam proportioning system of the AT works without needing maintenance. The patented overflow system ensures loss-free water transport. An innovation in the AT is the central water axis. Supply hoses as well as suction hoses can be attached to a single connection point. In the AT, the water supply from the pump and tank is fully automatic.

One-stop expertise

All of the extinguishing technology components were developed, manufactured and optimally integrated into the body by Rosenbauer. For safety, an extinguishing system that always functions properly.

Built-in pumps
foam proportioning systems
roof turret


Operations in a new light

A large proportion of operations take place at dusk or in darkness. The AT is equipped with our special lighting concept, that creates lighting conditions at a standard not previously achieved. It improves safety and efficiency during the operation. The innovative lighting technology is based on LED technology and provides light where it is needed.

Crew cab - optimally lit

The LED sky module provides optimal, glare-free illumination inside the crew cab without irritating the human eye. This does not tire the eyes, allowing them to more quickly adjust to the dark areas at the scene. The hand rails are fitted as standard with indirect LED lighting units.

Equipment compartment lighting

LED strips in the rollup doors, either vertical or horizontal across the top, illuminate the entire width of the equipment compartment better than ever before. This allows the emergency services personnel to immediately see where what equipment is: quicker operation, lower risk of injury. The modern LED technology ensures optimum safety, vision and colour recognition and does not glare.

Ground contour illumination

When the parking brake is engaged, the ground contour illumination turns on automatically. This allows the crew to see exactly where they are going in dark, wet or dirty ground conditions. If the device compartment flaps are opened, the light remains on and illuminates the steps.

Light mast

The light mast can be equipped with halogen, xenon or optionally with eight LED modules. The LED light mast provides maximum illumination at low power consumption and with a longer service life.

Perfectly developed for its application

The third generation AT series captivates with over 90 innovations. 15 years of experience gained through the production of more than 2,500 AT vehicles has been put into the new series. It was designed exclusively utilising the latest development and simulation methods. The result is an emergency vehicle that sets a new standard. Benefit from improved space offered to your crew, an even larger equipment compartment with flexible expansion as well as innovative LED lighting technology.

Impresses with:

  • safety and ergonomics for the crew

  • More payload volume with the same outer dimensions

  • Innovative LED lighting system

  • Self-explanatory operation in cab and at rear

  • Powerful integrated extinguishing technology

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