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Truck-mounted Pumps

The right pump for every application

Rosenbauer truck-mounted fire pumps are being used the world over and around the clock. Wheater in airport, industrial or municipal firefighting vehicles or in stationary units. The design of the Rosenbauer normal and high-pressure pumps as centrifugal pumps offers the best efficiency and lowest pressure surges thanks to flat pump characteristic curves. This particularly puts less strain on the nozzle operator. The output range of the normal pressure pumps reach from 750 l/min up to 10,000 l/min, the high-pressure pumps deliver up to 400 l/min at 40 bar.

Impresses with

  • Broad spectrum of application
  • Adaptability
  • Powerful priming system
  • Integration of foam proportioning systems
  • Easy operation


Rosenbauer offers truck-mounted fire pumps ranging from 750 l/min to 10.000 l/min and with these pumps covers both normal pressure with 10 bar as well as the high-pressure range of applications with 40 bar.

The right pump for every application can be chosen.


Rosenbauer truck-mounted fire pumps are tested according to European standard EN1028 and are UL classified according to the American standard NFPA1901.


Rosenbauer truck-mounted fire pumps are delivered from factory in corrosion-resistant light alloy. This provides the best weight savings.

For special applications (e.g. seawater, …), the pumps can also be made out of gunmetal.

The pump shaft is manufactured from stainless steel.


KAP Piston Priming Pump

Due to the unique drive systems, the priming pump is always on standby to reduce wear and can be switched on when required.

  • High priming performance
  • Safe to operate due to oil bath lubrication and inlet/outlet valves made from extremely resistant plastic
  • Resistant to waste water
  • Fail-safe due to dual piston redundancy
  • No own drive necessary – is driven directly from the centrifugal pump drive


  • KAP professional piston priming pump for N/NH series, as well as for N10 and H5
  • KAP piston priming pump for R600 and SAE3 drives
  • KAP 600 piston priming pump for N100

The optional automatic priming offers a maximum of operational safety when supplying the fire-fighting water

If the water column in the suction pipe is disturbed, the drive belts of the priming pump will be tensioned by a spring – the priming process is then started.


Optionally each Rosenbauer truck-mounted fire pump can be fitted with a pump pressure governor. This ensures that the discharge pressure of the pump always remains constant regardless of the discharge quantity.

The engine speed will be automatically regulated by the pump pressure governor. It maintaines a certain pressure independet from the flow rate.

  • Easy operation
  • For normal and high-pressure pump
  • Suitable for all types of diesel engines
  • Teach-in regulation speed to match the engine characteristic
  • Cavitation alarm


Rosenbauer offers the right drive solution for all installation locations:

  • Direct drive by a cardan shaft of the power take-off (possible for N/NH series)
  • Pump gear-box (16 gear ratios for ideal adaptation to the speed of the power take-off) via the drive shaft of the power take-off (except for N100 – only two ratios)
  • Split-shaft gear-box (possible for N/NH series)
  • SAE connector for drive with own drive engine (engine-pump units)
  • Hydraulic drive


The overheat protection reliably prevents the water temperature from rising too high in the pump. The purely mechanical system impresses in regard to its simplicity and robustness.

  • Opens between 55 and 60 °C
  • Protects the nozzle operators from being scalded by hot water
  • Prevents overheating and thus damage to the pump
  • Operationally safe thanks to purely mechanical design without electronics
  • Automatically closes again after the temperature has dropped
  • No maintenance necessary
  • Manual activation for flushing and draining
  • Corrosion resistant
  • According to EN1028 and EN1846