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Foam proportioning systems

Integrated solutions. Maximum performance.

Rosenbauer offers both around-the-pump foam proportioning systems as well as direct-injection foam proportioning systems for Rosenbauer truck-mounted fire pumps. All proportioning systems automatically adjust to the water pressure or water flow. Models are available for normal pressure as well as high-pressure applications.

The around-the-pump foam propotioning systems are integrated directly into the pump. The direct-injection proportioning systems are also optimally integrated to the piping.

Impresses with

  • Integration in pump piping, pump control and vehicle concept.
  • Automatic adjustment to the water flow and pressure
  • Best matching to the corresponding pum


All Rosenbauer around-thepump foam proportioning systems automatically adjust to the water flow and pressure.


In direct-injection foam proportioning systems, either the water flow quantity is measured and the foam compound and the set proportioning ratio are adjusted to this flow quantity accordingly (e.g. DIGIMATIC), or this is performed out via a Venturi proportioner (e.g. for AQUAMATIC, HYDROMATIC, MIXMATIC).


The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Which is why you receive a perfectly integrated and customized overall system from Rosenbauer, made up of pump technology, foam proportioning systems and control electronics. All perfectly adapted to the sophisticated body construction technology.