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  • CBS Industrial2
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Highest level of flexibility

The design of the modular CBS body concept impresses with its flexibility and is particularly suitable for the most diverse requirements in the industrial area. The extremely stable and corrosion-resistant body of this vehicle type is made from laser-cut, bent aluminum sheets in tried and tested bonded design. It guarantees a long service life, even under the most extreme application conditions. The in-built Rosenbauer firefighting equipment is a particularly powerful system. It provides firefighters with extensive product innovations as a reliable partner in difficult operating conditions.

Extensive choice

Extensive equipment options are designed in accordance with individual customer requests and requirements . The professional COMFORT stowage concept allows for fast and easy removal of equipment. Simple operating elements with conventional controls to ultra-modern CAN-Bus control system are represented in the vehicle concept.

The self-supporting CBS water tank is also suited to transport drinking water.


The main task of CBS tank firefighting vehicles consists of ensuring fire protection in large industrial companies. The main feature of these fire fighting vehicle is a large extinguishing water container, which enables initial firefighting without an external water supply via hydrants or open fire fighting water supply points. Accordingly these vehicles are primarily designed and equipped for firefighting.

This vehicle type is available in various sizes. They differentiate in terms of crew, equipment, tank size and pump output. A special subgroup of the tank firefighting vehicles are the large tank firefighting vehicles.


The operational area of a foam firefighting vehicle lies primarily in fighting liquid fires and emission reduction in the event of leakages.


They are often equipped as follows:

  • Fixed built-in roof turret or STINGER HRET boom
  • Enlarged foam tank
  • Additional tank for the special extinguishing agent CO2
  • Additional dry powder unit
  • Rapid intervention hose reel and much more


Examples of individual, flexible crew cab solutions for the highest level of safety and comfort:

  • 2-door tilting cab (L edition) BUFFALO RIV 2800/250 on MAN TGS 18.540 with N30 pump, FIXMIX around-the-pump foam proportioning system, roof turret water/foam RM25, dry powder unit PLA 250 and light tower 4 x 1,000 W
  • 4-door tilting cab (original chassis cab) GTLF 6500 on Scania P400 DB 6 x 2 with NH 30 pump, FIXMIX around-the-pump foam proportioning system, RM15C roof turret, Rotzler cable winch TR080 Treibmatik and light tower 8 x 42 W LED
  • 2-door tilting cab with Rosenbauer TLF 11000 crew cab module MAN TGS 33.360 6 x 4 with NH30 pump, FIXMIX around-the-pump foam proportioning system and RM24M roof turret water/foam


All firefighting components are developed, manufactured and optimally integrated into the vehicle body by Rosenbauer. This guarantees a reliable, capable firefighting system in every operational situation.

Firefighting systems with a pump output of up to 10,000 l/min at 10 bar impress with user friendliness as well as with a low need for maintenance. Optionally available roof turret with an output capacity of up to 10,000 l/min achieves throw ranges of up to 120 m.

Additional extinguishing components with powder (up to a capacity of 3,000 kg) or CO2 contents as well as various extinguishing systems are available optionally.:

  • CAFS compressed air foam systems
  • Fully automatic foam proportioning systems
  • Undertruck nozzles
  • Rapid intervention hose reels
  • Roof and bumper turret with various output amounts

Customized right down to the smallest detail

The universal tank firefighting vehicles of the tried and tested Rosenbauer CBS series are primarily used for fighting fires in industrial plants. Handling and fire protection in industrial areas present a particular challenge for industrial firefighters.

The Rosenbauer Customized Body System (CBS) offers the necessary flexibility and a high degree of adaptability to meet the special needs and requirements of industrial firefighters.

Impresses with:

  • High degree of flexibility
  • Individually coordinated, powerful extinguishing components
  • Robust lightweight construction
  • Efficiency in scene of the emergency
  • Flexible design of individual modules