• NDTC Fire Fighting, Rescue And Security Technology Company Limited


NDTC Fire & Security is the authorized representative and exclusive agent of a large number of world leading manufacturers in the afore-mentioned sectors.

About us

Specialized in the fields of Fire Fighting – Rescue and Security – Defense and with over 20 years of intensive experiences, the management and personnel of NDTC Fire & Security – a member company of NDTC Companies, which is located in Hanoi, Vietnam, have participated in a large number of projects of the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Defense of Vietnam including government – to – government and procurement projects

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Our products

  • The history of firefighting and rescue in Vietnam dates back to years ago. Ever since, though new equipment has been invented to simplify firefighting activities, manufacturers have been struggling to introduce them to the customers, even after Vietnam’s open door policy. That is where we stepped in. The company has been trying to help businesses expand while offering...

  • Searching for suitable security and defense equipment is a real long haul, even to a professional. Understanding the problems our customers are facing, we are willing to take the hard work, leaving the national heroes with an ideally worry-free working condition to perform their best on the field.

    With years of experience, we know what our customers truly want from the products and we try to search for suppliers that meet those needs. Our ultimate goal is...